The Eyes of The Lich Queen




Triumph in Trumpets

I awoke from a dream, sweat beaded on my forehead, and a shiver ran down my spine. I could only remember slivers from the dream. A tree, a path, a dark shape, and a sense that there were other people present. Although it was only a dream, the feeling that I escaped danger was all so real.

Dreams like these occurred as far back as I can remember. Once while I was in the market a gypsy woman told me that I had a knack for the sixth sight. This led me to further develop my arcane skills in prophecy, prediction, and the divine. I am self taught in the arcane, having only a small understanding of cantrips and simple spells, but one day I intend to use my abilities to see all.

Although I am only a novice in the arts of soothsaying, with dreams and simple spells, I do have a keen eye for details and a silver tongue. These two skills make it exceptionally easy to call myself a “prophetic investigator”. After-all, if you are trying to solve the puzzle “who ate the cake”, it will probably be the fat man. Prediction or not, only the wise will know, and most people are not that wise.

Although I have an office as an investigator, it is not my primary job. My true source of income comes from a darker source. I am also in the business of liberation of magical goods. I work for a loose network of individuals who deal in such matters, and I have just been given my first job as my own boss. Previously, I had been an understudy of a very successful heist master, but I earned my cloak, and a job.

This should be a simple job, given that I have been given funds, a lead, and a contact list. All I have left to do is hire some muscle, a thief, and the Trumpet of the Void should be mine. Using my leads, I have determined that the trumpet should be coming in through a shipment of goods to a wealthy business man and aristocrat here in the city.

I put word in for a thief with the local bar keep, who knew of such people. I was given the name of a lean human who was agreeable to the job. Next I was to find some muscle. Together the rogue and I encountered a man who looked in need of some help to deescalate a rather volatile situation involving a game for money. I talked his way out of trouble and he was also agreeable to our cause.

Next we made our way to the library to do some research on the trumpet. Gathering some other information, we learned of a party that would be going on where the trumpet would be delivered. We also encountered a very awkward man, always talking about dreams, he seemed very familiar to me, but I do not know how.

We eventually made our way to the party. After standing around in the courtyard, looking quite out of place, the muscle and I made our way into the party through the front door. The rogue went around the side to look for another way in. They let us in… After casing the rooms, we had no luck finding the trumpet.

Suddenly, our muscle developed a rage in his eyes. With a blood-lust he attacked the host of the party. I took this opportunity to check out the upper floor. No luck again…

The dream man disarmed the muscle. I returned to the action playing as a victim. We all sat together at the dinner table in which the awkward dream man was the hero of the evening.

We later made our way down through the kitchen into the cellars. We found the shipment of goods and located our crate which was supposed to hold the trumpet. A delicious looking hobgoblin appeared. Seemingly, she was looking for a item to liberate from the shipment as well. After a short discussion, we came to the terms that we were to remain on separate paths and go our own way.

After watching that sweet goodness leave, I wasn’t even a little bit mad that she set the alarms off on her way out. We grabbed the trumpet and ran for a closet. Later we escaped our hiding spot and a nice sneak through the mansion.

We got the goods to the fencer. However we were approached by a courier who said they had a message for us. We were to meet a man at Kern’ Rest and Revlery. Considering the message held the complete details of our activities that evening, we had very little motivation not to see what this was about.

Hopefully I will see that hobgoblin again…

Session #2
Through the Forest

Chapter 2
From Dinner Parties to Dragon Funerals

Usually when a death occurs it is the living wearing black… in this
case it was the dead.

Black dragons and black scaled lizard folk littered the ground at our feet. Remnants of faerie fire and arrows give evidence to an awesome battle. Mounds of precious metals lined the chamber that we, a Human Rogue, a halfling Monk, a dragon born Paladin, and myself find ourselves in.

We were fortunate to add a new member to our party, a bronze skinned dragon born paladin. I didn’t care to notice which deity to which he prayed. I always preferred the paladins who spoke to gods through battle more so than speech. There is nothing worse than a paladin who believes that everyone needs to hear about their gods. Every god damn week there was some paladin of some god knocking on my door asking if I had found “whoever they were babbling about”. Then there were those “do goodie” paladins sitting atop mounts or hanging out in market places providing “protection” for a fee. Either way, this guy seems ok. Perhaps I should learn his name. Seems like this meat-head may last a while.

I’m not used to these kind of jobs. If I didn’t believe we were somehow referred by that sweet-ass-ed hobgoblin from the basement of the last job we did, I probably wouldn’t have taken this kind of work. I enjoyed researching with the rogue prior to traveling, but I am not comfortable with the lack of information about specific items that we were looking for, and other detailed information about the heist. On the other hand it was nice to stop planning and simply take actions. After-all, some of the situations we will find ourselves in this day, will not provide the time to plan and discuss our options.

Like the ancient dragon skeleton laying in the corner, we took a long rest, bedding ourselves in the coins. Feeling much more empowered to face anything this job may have to offer, we located a secret rotating door that entered into a long hallway.

At the end of this long hallway, our expert Rogue managed to locate a gearbox that activated a moving wall. Essentially, we had about 30 seconds to live. it was like I had lived this experience in another life at another time, like I remembered the future. Together with the help of my premonition the rogue and I were able to stop the moving wall.

Now we had to deal with the bars. We couldn’t squeeze through them, and the dragon could not break them. He may have rattled his bones to dust before he was every able to break a single bar. After seeing how the bar mechanism was behaving after being stuck by the force of Tyr, we were able to work through how the mechanism worked and got the bars to be begin to lower. However, as the bars were lowering the wall at the back of the room started to move towards us again. I climbed up the front of the dragon man and heaved myself, clumsily, over the top of the bars. I think the tindragon may have touched my butt for a little too long though. It made me feel dirty, but I was relieved to be on the other side of the dragon-garlic mincer.

We entered into the next room. Every inch of the room seemed to be filled with a moving blades. Like a man inspired by an otherworldly force, the Tindragon heaved his warhammer into the the spinning blades. Locking up the mechanisms for the blades, the entire room began to shake trying to break through the warhammer. The warhammer held fast, for the moment. As we proceeded, two constructs began to dance rhythmically through the room as if they were dodging blades. While the robots were slowly dancing across the room, and the stressed metals cogs and widgets strained, rattled, and threatened to turn the room into a dimension called “the dimension of a million flying shrapnel pieces”, we stopped to consider our options. We also found that the constructs would also stop to attack an illusion. Frankly, the robots looked less frightening than the quivering spinning blades that were position quite nicely to cleave my head off. We began to launch an assault ranged weapons at the constructs. We managed to make it through the room, and three locked gates, just as the room turned into a room of a trillion metal splinters.

We entered into the next room. A horrible room of platforms and lava. As we approached the center platform, two creepy metal dogs with grabby tongues appeared on the center platform. Like a fat cat failing to gain momentum while jumping onto a couch, one of the dogs fell to his death trying to reach our platform. The next began chewing on the midsection of the monk. It was impressive. The monk turned pale and dusky and was now shaped like an hour glass. Audibly we knew his insides were rearranged. The paladin took care of the feebled monk.

I had other plans. Feeling 100% ineffective against this metal dog, and frankly not wanting to get licked by it’s gross slimy tongue, I hoped that by removing the khyber/sybaris crystal from the ceiling, that the seemingly extra-planer beings would disappear. We were not so fortunate. My thoughts were somewhat confirmed or at least supported when I felt something “enter” the crystal when the beast was destroyed. Not wanting to see those things again, ever, I flicked the stone into the lava. I head screaming and felt and inner relief. No worth of that crystal justified keeping the the stone and thus the possibility of my insides becoming strangled like the monks. Nope. Nope. Nope. I heard the metal-head yelling something, I made it known that I didn’t care.

We walked into a chamber. In the chamber was a scepter and and amulet of that seemed very much like some loot Sur’kil may be looking for. I attempted to use the arcane to detect magic around us. Suddenly, it felt like the world around me was melting and my corneas were being removed from my eyes with a sun-rod. Momentarily I gave up on the life that i had previously known. My new life belonged to a world of whites and reds, and pain. I had no body, I could not move, I was part of something greater than myself. Everything?

I snapped back to reality… my reality. A mummy half dragon beast was ensnared in a tangle of hippy paladin might. I uttered some words and faerie fire outline the visage of the beast. We pummeled it dead. It lay dead on the ground dripping acid from its exposed neck. We looted the goods and took images of designs found on the alter. Seemingly, the only way to go was from where we came. We climbed back out the well and contacted Sur’kil.

With loot in hand we continued to move.

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